I am having trouble paying my Digiturk monthly payment by my UK Debit Card. It has been paid regularly for 4 years but due to new banking regulations Digiturk is having a problem. Does anyone pay Digiturk by BO or DD from a Turkey Bank - if so how did you get it organised I have talked to Digiturk but they don't seem to want to know!!
We have paid ours through Akbank for the past four years without any problem. Just take your Digiturk bill (or customer number) into the bank and they will set it up for you very easily. In the UK, you usually approach the company to set up the direct debit but in Turkey you go to the bank direct and they set it up. Just make sure you have a few days before the bill is due then there is no danger of the payment being missed and Digiturk thinking you've defaulted.


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I used to pay my Digiturk monthly but there were often hiccups ! about that and occasionally İ got no reception because apparently İ had not paid - when in fact İ had - but The System got one of those hiccups that so often happens here - İ then looked into what options there were and found İ could pay for a whole year up front to Digiturk in one fell swoop - a lot cheaper and now İ never ever get cut off! :20:

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