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Digiturk Box
Hello Everyone,
Does anyone know if you have the give the box back to digiturk,if you cancel your subscription?,we've had it for over 4yrs now.



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Digiturk Box
Yes, as far as I know you do. In fact I think unless you return the box and card you could still be held liable to pay the subscription.
Digiturk Box
Absolutely. They also want the scart leads that came with it, the card, and remote control otherwise they wont issue the paperwork that stops your contract with them and stops the subscription. A friend of ours was in that position and forgot to take the scart back and they wouldnt finalise it until he did.


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Digiturk Box
Yep - digibox, remote control and scart lead. We didn't take the scart lead in and so paid a small price for a new one in order to finish the paperwork!


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Digiturk Box
This is Turkey
I wouldnt be suprised if they wanted the orginal batteries back too, oooops sorry i doubt they gave those in with the price at the start. Even so they will expect batteries either way.

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