Didim to be Promoted at the World´s Largest Travel Fair....
Didim to be Promoted at the World´s Largest Travel Fair

Didim will be promoted in London at the World Travel Market (WTM), to be held between 14th and 17th of November. Preparation of a tourist guide to Didim, to be presented at the Fair is under way, and will be of immense benefit in promoting our town. “Do not miss the opportunity of advertising your company in this guide book,” implores Ulvi Kocak, the Presedent of Didim Tourism Association.
The international media is eagerly awaiting the opening of the Fair, including CNN whom have helped sponsor the event.
This year, due to the tremendous efforts of our Tourism Association, Didim will attand this Fair for the first time. Ulvi Kocak, has praised the assistance given by the Ministry of Tourism that has enabled Didim to rent a position at this high profile Fair. Mr Kocak stresses the importance of the London World Travel Market, stating, “This is one of the most impotant chances for Didim to promote itself.”

“Take your place in our guide book”
Mr Kocak announced that the preparation of a tourist guide for this big event is a unique
opportunity for businesses who deal with tourism to advertise themselves. “This will be very important for the advertisement of their companies, as ‘WTM’ is considered as one of the largest tourist markets in the world. The guide books will be delivered to the participants free of charge”.
The guide book will be prepared by the team of Didim’s only English printed magazine, Prestige, and Voices newspaper.The publishers of the magazine, Hasan Bayrak and Ozgur Cankaya, equally stress the matter of promotional significance, and invites the tourism businesses not to miss the opportunity of advertising themselves.
Gill Erer and Glenn Maffia who are the editors of Prestige Property Magazine and Voices Newspaper are also involved within the team, as is the art director Hakan Alpin. An amount of the revenue of the guide book will go to the Didim Tourism Association. Further info, please private mail.
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