Didim library-Thanks BILL and LINDA
I enquired a while ago about where to get books in the Akbuk/Didim area and Bill and Linda posted a reply praising the Didim library.Well we went yesterday and there are enough books there to keep us going for the next few years,the lady behind the desk was lovely and all went well.
So thanks to Bill and Linda,great advice.


Didim library-Thanks BILL and LINDA
Whereabouts is the Didim Library, I need to get a supply in ready for the Winter.
Didim library-Thanks BILL and LINDA
Main road into Didim,straight over roundabout heading towards Ataturk boulevard.Small road on left leads to central park with large wooden gates,this road is opposite new mosque being built.Into park and library is on the left near tea garden.Looks like any other office so dont miss it.

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