Did you find peace?
Grass always being greener on the other side etc etc.

Made some friends who live permanently in Turkey. They are really relaxed, laid back and in no hurry to do anything. Thoughtful and generous always. When I return from a trip there Im always really chilled out until of course I get back on the treadmill again and cant wait to get back.

To those who have made the move permanently from Britain to Turkey, did you find your Nirvana? Or was it not all its cracked up to be?



Did you find peace?
I think everybody that makes the step to start a life abroad goes through a series of phases.
I've traveled quite a bit, but this is the longest i have ever been 'gone'.

Roughly all is great the 1st year (new experiences, you're like a child in a candy store), 2nd year dealing with local issues (the shine is a little bit gone, but all still way cooler than 'the old country') and around the 3rd or 4th year you'll get to see the ugly bits up close. This is a bit of a breaking point for most I guess, here is where you decide if you can really assimilate well enough to enjoy life in a different culture and away from things that have been so familiar for the bigger part of your life.

Than again, a lot of people that decide to move never assimilate and just continue their way of life and surround themselves only with things that feel familiar.

Personally I feel that I made the right choice in living in Turkey, and I would never want to go back to Holland for longer than 2 weeks, but it is not an easy life for me here; still the pro's far exceed the con's so I'm quite happy and found 'my peace' in a way ;-)
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Did you find peace?
I lived in Turkey for 2½ years but we decided to move back to the UK 4 years ago. I did enjoy my time there but wintertime was difficult as my husband worked in tourism. I never worked so there were times when I was quite lonely too, I spent a lot of time in the summer with just me and my baby when my husband was at work and as I didn't know any English people and my Turkish was only basic it was quite hard for me. I also missed my parents a lot while I was there.

I do miss my time in Turkey, I loved waking up to the sunshine and living near the sea and the pace of life is so much calmer there.

The main reason for moving back to the UK though was for our children as we wanted them educated here. My husband had a bad experience with the Turkish education system and he didn't want our children to go to Turkish schools.

I would love to buy a home in Turkey though one day so we can spend more time there as we get older but I would love to be able to find English friends out there too this time. I would also work on my Turkish more so I could communicate better with my neighbours!



Did you find peace?
Having lived in a number of countries, not always by choice, I have concluded that peace is a state of mind, not a place!

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