Desperate please can any one help
Hello my name is Jayne last night on a walk with my dog i came across 8 abandoned kangal puppies still very young at the moment havent opened their eyes two of them were found in a sack the other 6 had managed to crawl out and were distraught under a very thick bush seperated from one another and all tangled up... we know all the dogs in the area and there hasnt been a nursing female anywhere in sight.... they were abandoned in the most callous way left in the middle of the countryside where the chances of people passing by are very limited.... luckily we were passing with my dog and heard their pleas for help....SO IF ANY ONE COULD OFFER A PUPPY A LOVING HOME IN APPROX 5 WEEKS TIME I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL...THESE PUPS ALREADY HAVE BEEN THRU ENOUGH IN THEIR SHORT LIVES AND IM NOT THE ONE TO DECIDE TO EUTHANISE THEM.... OR IF YOU KNOW ANY 1 THAT WOULD BE WILLING TO REHOME THEM PLEASE GET THIS STORY OUT TO AS MANY PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN IT WILL BE ALSO FEATURED IN VOICES MANY MANY THANKS JAYNE

I've removed Jayne's mobile number from her post for her own security. Please contact her via PM or Email. KKOB
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Desperate please can any one help
Well done, quite a handful, we have a rescued kangal or possibly 99% Kangal, they are the most amazing dogs, ours knows so much she is so intelligent so anyone who gives one of these puppies a home has the most loyal dog going also a good guard dog.
Suggest you try all the vets to see if they know of anyone who would give them a home.
Hope all works out well for you and them.


Desperate please can any one help
I'm responding to keep this post at the top of the page. Unfortunatly we're not in Turkey so can't help. It sounds like this is 8 puppies abandoned? And didn't we read a post recently about someone who had just deliberatly let thier bitch have puppies and was trying to sell them!
All we can say is good luck, very good luck to you and suggest asking the local vet if they know anyone who would take on a puppy - either that or regretably consider asking the vet to humanly put them to sleep rather than face a lifetime of starvation.
When I hear stories like this I do not regret my decision not to choose to return to Turkey even for a holiday.


Desperate please can any one help
Jayne I hope you find homes for these pups but to be honest, you are really up against it. My friend told me this morning that you can tell the Turks from Istanbul etc are starting to go home as she has seen in the street she lives in, 2 more street dogs which are still pups. One is a kangal and the other a long haired German Shepherd. It's outrageous how these dogs are just 'discarded', gate opened and sent on their way once the Summer is over. It happens year after year after year! I do wish you good luck and hope and pray you find homes for these young pups.
Desperate please can any one help
I really hope that you find loving homes for the puppies and I wish I could take one, but I have homed an abandoned pup and kitten already.



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Desperate please can any one help
Good luck with finding these street puppies a home. I presume if you are talking about Voices, you are in the Didim area? The best thing you can do for them is to build them up to give them a good start and then if you cannot find homes, take them to Didim Dog Shelter. They will there have a chance (albeit a small one) of finding a home.

Just out of interest, a Kangal puppy will weigh in at 8-9kg when it is 7-8 weeks old. Kangals cost lots of money to buy and an adult is approx 30" at the shoulder and weighs in at about 50kg. So I doubt they are Kangal pups, I presume you call them that as they are fawn coloured, with or without a dark mask?

Very best wishes and I hope you find homes for them.


Desperate please can any one help
Such a sad story but hopefull one with a happy ending for all the pups. I would love to give one a home but i have 3 dogs already but im sure some good natured people on here will give loving homes to them. What area are you in?
Desperate please can any one help
I have thought about this post all day,and did send you a PM,but no reply as yet.
This is another sad example of why responsible pet owners in Turkey do not breed their dogs and why the neuter and release programmes need support,not criticism.
Its a large litter,and from what you say,these pups will need hand rearing and possibly bottle feeding if their eyes arent open yet.
Personally,I think the responsible decision for these pups,even though a hard decision,is to take them to a vet and leave the final decision with him regarding their future.
Its difficult enough raising a pup from 6- weeks,but you have 8 that are approx 2 weeks old,going by your description.
You could always agree with the vet that you will hand rear 2 or 3 which will be far healthier and easier to rehome than 8.
If you want any help............please contact by PM

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Desperate please can any one help
This is very very sad.

If you are running a story/advert in the Voices Newspaper, dont forget to ask them to do a story in Turkish in their Turkish Paper. You never know, there are some nice Turkish animal lovers out there too!

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Desperate please can any one help
Yet again this is so very sad, but at least because you have found them, they may get a chance to survive. As Gail posted earlier, it is becoming evident by the Turks departure that dogs are being abandoned. It really does upset me, I feel, and am useless for these poor pups because I live in the UK, but oh how I wish that they do survive.

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