Dentists in Bodrum
Hi folks

Off to Bodrum in 2 weeks and need to know of a recommended dentist I can use if necessary (having some wisdom teeth trouble that will not be sorted before I fly out and I expect it to recur!!).

Not really interested in hearing from any dentists but any TLFers who have used a dentist in Bodrum, Yalikavak etc and would recommend their service. They need to be english speaking cos my Turkish is rubbish!

Thanks in advance


Dentists in Bodrum
I used to use one across from the Oasis on the main street. His name is Utku Özgür Ünlü - 313 36 66 - he is in the little strip mall directly across from the oasis, there is a linen place in there, an arcelik place in there and there is the bronze shop (in fact he is upstairs from the bronze man) and i have recommended him to several English people. He speaks english, soft spoken and a soft hand......
good luck


Dentists in Bodrum
Also try Dr Cenk in the Oasis centre speaks very good English and Bernadette who does a clean is fantastic. You should be able to find her telephone number if you search through the threads as I was asking about her in May/June


Dentists in Bodrum
I have used Riza Cinaroglu for the last 18 years with excellent results. He is halfway down Ataturk Caddesi on the right side (second floor) and speaks English. 313-1007. Good luck.


Dentists in Bodrum
Hi Paul - I have been using and taking people to Derya Guncen - opposite the Antik
Theatre on the main highway
She is SO gentle and kind and speaks PERFECT english
Everyone loves her - I can arrange an appointment for you and even take you there if you want - also she will give discount if you mention my name
I was a Dental Practice Manager before coming out to Turkey so I know a good dentist when I meet one !!
Dentists in Bodrum
Thanks everyone for the recommendations and thanks Sue for the offer of dental liaison...I shall print off this page and bring it with me. What a mine of useful information this forum continues to be :roundgrin

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