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I, along with many other people i know are considereing having dental work done in turkey. - my friend has has a villa in akbuk and says i can go there to have dental work done. So who do you recommend and please can you tell me about quality not just price please. i have horrible teeth and my dad has offered me some money to have cosmetic stufff done but obviously this is a one off and i am very nervous about the whole thing so please tell me who is safe and who is getting recommendations. I am coming from Ireland and we have very good but expensive dentists. I would be grateful for your help

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I have spoken to a few people who have used a company called body design turkey and they all had good things to say about them - they do dentistry as well as all the other procedures and they have an English woman who I think runs the company. Hope this is of use to you.

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You could also check out Kym and Karyn's (both members here) new venture Index they might be able to help.

I have used Gentle Gental and found Sevil to be very good and reasonably priced.
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I highly recommend Sevil at Gentle Dental especially for anyone who is a little bit nervous. The care and attention I received from this dentist was second to none. Most of all she is a genuine caring human being and puts all her patients at ease.



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I'd recommend Sevil at Gentle Dental too. She's a nice relaxed dentist and she will understand how nervous you may be feeling. Good luck with it!

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Hi Akbukgal,

Ive sent you a pm. As you can see, everyone recommends Sevil :) Sevil is our service provider for Dentistry - You pay the same prices as going direct but we include all the transfers and hand holding etc.. that go with it even if customers do not want to use our hotel. Service available to overseas customers and resident in Turkey also.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Following an accident, I'll be having some work that can't wait done here in the UK. But I'm anticipating going to see Sevil in June all the same.

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