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Hello to All,

now we live near Kusadasi since 6 months. My great problem is periodontosis:mad: and therefore two loose teeth. Does anybody know a Dentist for this? I have a well-fitting dentures (no implants).

Many thanks in advance.:smile:

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Serhan Izer and his wife have had their dental surgery in Kuşadası for about 25yrs now. It's in a tall block on Kemal Ankan Cad. on the right hand side, as you come up from the coast on İnönü Blv, at the first roundabout where Paşa Gold Centre is on the left.

They have a good reputation and do speak some English. I've not actually needed any treatment but I met them when dealing with a property sale a few years back. I lived in Kuşadası for 12 years before moving down to Side some 8 years or so back and some of my friends in Kuşadası were, probably still are, Serhan's clients.

You can call the surgery on 0256 612 2168 and discuss your needs. I do have both their mobile numbers so should you prefer that, you can PM me but you should be OK going directly through to the surgery.

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