Denizbank didim
Denizbank didim if you bank with them
How have you found there interest rates
Compared with the other banks over time ?

All so do you get a good service from them?
Which banking service do your use private banking or
E savings or Other service ? Thank you for any help folks.
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Denizbank didim
ım wıth denız bank ın kusadasi and for 6 years have been very pleased wıth them and no problems.Some staff speak very good englısh most have a smatterıng of ıt.Allways found them effıcıent and helpfull.


Denizbank didim
hi i to have dealt with deniz bank but in didim for apprx 7years as i have my mortgage through them. i have no experience of there interest accounts but have found the internet banking i have with them to be very easy to use and on the odd occasion i have had an issue ive found there email service or there in bank staff very good

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