Denim Export Increases: $705m in 6 Months...
The Turkish denim sector is almost leading the world export economy. Turkey is exporting its own brands like Mavi Jeans, Little Big, Collins, Loft and Cross Jeans to world markets. It even sells jean to the jeans’ motherland, the US.

According to data from the Turkish Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (ITKIB), while exports increased at 40 percent during the first six weeks of 2004, the figure raised to 51 percent during the first half of 2005.

Hence, denim export reached $705,302,000 between January and June in 2005. Germany and Britain were the two number one ranking countries that Turkey exported jeans most.



I am a Turk
Denim Export Increases: $705m in 6 Months...
This is very good news Merlin.
I remember 70's was very hard to find jeans in Turkey. They were all imported from US. And we use to pay top dollars to get one.. :biggrin:

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