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Demolition in Gumbet
I don't think you guys are being ignored on this one, it's just that most of the discussion on this subject (as you've probably discovered) is taking place on this thread:

Opinion seems to be divided over whether the demolitions are a good or bad thing. Personally, I've always admired the maverick attitude of Gumbet traders to the planning authorities (but then I don't have to live there!). I'm pretty sure that it's largely a political move on the part of the Bodrum Baskan: Basically, the authorities are trying to create a more 'up market' tourist environment - hence the enforcement of the 1.00am curfew on the bars outside of Bar Street and the withdrawal of the all-night buses between Gumbet and Bodrum Town over the past season.

I'm particularly saddened to see the destruction of the Arya restaurant, where we've enjoyed some lovely romantic meals, and hardly a low-rent lager lout establishment, and also the vandalisation of some of the family bar/restaurants on Adnan Menderes Cadessi, such as Smileys. If anything, it's made me more determined to return to Gumbet in 2010 to show some support to folk such as Adem and Ozlem who've worked so hard over the past decades to provide a memorable holiday experience for so many people - even if it doesn't represent the 'real' Turkey that the Government would like to promote.

Hope to see you there next season.


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Demolition in Gumbet
..same thing happened last year here ,and its happening again this year ..some people try and build without permission will catch up with them eventually....a simple application to the belvedere ..thats all it takes..


Demolition in Gumbet
I drove through there the other day and it looks like a building site, lots of places been partially knocked down so the place looks a real mess.


Demolition in Gumbet
I got this info the other day which I found interesting:

Well i've been round to see it a few times and its a bit of a mess but the belediye is following through on its promise. They are not totally demolishing all properties, they are dealing with illegal building, those properties that are designated as residential must be turned back into the houses they were as they have no commercial licence. Those properties that have been illegally extended must remove the illegal extensions. The bar st and main road area is being dealt with now. From Mr Frogs down to the far end are having the fronts smashed off. Places such as X bar has its front tore off, Outback has been reduced along with Legends. The whole other side from Smileys down is literally going to be turned back into houses. There will be a definite smaller number of bars and restaurants but they are trying to make the area much classier (This i got to see). At the moment it looks like downtown Baghdad but i guess it will be ok in the long run. I'll keep you updated as it moves along. I heard today they will be starting soon on Bodrum's illegal builds, so this ought to be fun. On a better note, we now have a permanent funfair next to Oasis, mini rollercoaster, thrillrides, dodgem cars, carousels. Its small but cool.

I can't imagine houses on Adnan Menderes Caddesi - seems strange? I really do hope that they do get all the refurbishment done before the new season starts - as has been said, a lot of people have worked hard to build up their businesses and I would hate the see the tourist trade hit as it could take years to build it back up again. It won't put me off of course - our house is up at the back of Gumbet on the Konacik border - I haven't hard they've been doing anything up there - but who knows?

It's so frustrating that we don't come out again until the end of April as I would like to see for myself what's happening - maybe we'll be able to help with some of the rebuilding before the season starts when we get there :biggrin:.
Demolition in Gumbet
I drove through there the other day and it looks like a building site, lots of places been partially knocked down so the place looks a real mess.

Gail, any sign of anything like this happening in Turgutreis or worse still Karabag?

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