delete messages
Could someone please explain how I delete messages as I cannot seem to get this done and I cannot reply to my messages. Sorry if this has already ben covered. When I try to reply it says I have used too many words


delete messages
Go to your messages scroll right down to the bottom there is then an optition to move messages click it till it says delete messages then tick all messages you want to delete and then click delete and they should be gone.!!!!
Think thats right try it and if it dusnnt work come back and I ll try help you again,

Hugs Maggie xxx


Completely Chillaxed
delete messages
Below "Search" you'll see Private Messages. Click on that.

Under Private Messages In Folder you have a choice of going to your Inbox or Sent Items. Choose which one you want to go to.

Whichever folder you go to, there's a red bar across the page and on the right it tells you how many message are in that folder.

If you select the box next to that number a tick will appear, this will select all messages in the folder. Go to the bottom of the page and select the drop down options. If you want to delete the messages, select Delete.

If you only want to delete certain messages, tick the box beside each message, then go to the drop down box.
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