delete messages
Sorry to seem so dim but as my message box is almost full, can someone please tell me how to delete unwanted messages, I can't seem to find the instructions, but then that's nothing new. Many thanks


delete messages
When you go to messages you have an option to select a messages either individually or by select the box on top of the column to select the lot on the page, once selected you can then use the dropdown menu at the bottom to Delete them.

Near the top of the page you have the option to select Sent messages or Received messags.


delete messages
Click into the little box on the right hand side of the message then where it says "move to folder" click on the little down arrow at the side and chose "delete" from the list.


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delete messages
you tick the little boxes of those ones you want to delete, then go to near the bottom where there's a little drop down menu. When you click it, choose delete and then click on 'go'



delete messages
Click on picture below.

Press 'Go'.

Did you follow that?


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