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There seems to be a little confusion amongst posters about permits, visas, kimliks etc. Hopefully this thread will help to clarify things:-

A Tourist Visa is issued at Airports, Border Crossings. and Ports of Entry. It consists of a sticker placed in a passport and the date of entry is stamped upon it in red ink. On exit, a dark blue or black datestamp is used. The cost and duration of the Visa varies by nationality.

A Residence Permit is issued in Turkey via the Pasaport Polis, or Yabanci Polis in some provinces, and consists of a blue/grey book called a Yabancilara Mahsus Ikamet Tezkeresi ( Residence Permit for Foreigners ) but often just referred to as an Ikamet. The duration of the permit can be from 1 month to 5 years depending on what term is applied and paid for.

A Residence Visa is generally only issued by a Turkish Consulate or Embassy outside of Turkey, and consists of a half-page sticker in a passport and usually with a duration of just 3 months. It covers the holder for single-entry and exit only.

A Kimlik is an ID Card issued to Turkish Citizens.
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Thank you very much for clearing that up I'm a bit worried and I'm wondering if you can give me some information hopefully to feel a little bit better on Tuesday I have an appointment at avcilar emniyet for tourist visa permit the one for 5 months and I'm a bit worried about the procedures obviously it's my first time in Turkey and I have got my sticker visa and everything also done the exchange paper for 3600$ and 4 passport photos and a paper from the hotel that states that I have booked my stay for 6 months at their hotel will they need anything else?

Is it right it's just a routine meaning I'm gonna go submit the papers end of go back in few days and pick up the gray/blue book end of or can it be complicated oh and I'm an Egyptian passport holder if that makes a difference.

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