Death of Edward Woodward
last time i saw him was on Eastenders..a great ator..distinctive trying to remember who played his sidekick in Callan?
Death of Edward Woodward
I was watching him in a film yesterday in the uk and wondering if he was still alive how bizzare. Yes a good actor, sadly missed


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Death of Edward Woodward
..he did well had a triple bypass in his 50,s,,he lasted well ..put nearly 30 years on his life father in law saw him in the new york streets filming :11:equlaiser..he will be sadly missed

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Death of Edward Woodward
Saw an interview of him once, he came across as very down to earth. I remember reading somewhere, that in Callan he had to talk to a young boy, but the kid was scared stiff of him with pretend blood on his face, so he halted production, and wiped all his"blood" makeup off to show it was only pretend, and then had it all re-applied and the boy then gave a brilliant performance. RIP Edward

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