Dear Alanya Folk
I come to Turkey from mid Feb to the end Of March each year for a walking and cultural holiday. Yes, I am on the scrounge! Two things if you can help, please.

Is there six weeks worth of walking into the mountains in the Alanya region and is it reasonable to do so? For example, is the region well served by dolmus when the legs have had it? I imagine there are no walking maps.

I am on a pensioner's budget and I am looking for a basic studio within walking distance of shops etc. Earlier this year, in Turgutreis, I paid £300 for the six weeks and was hoping to pay roughly the same again. Having done lots of searches I am mostly finding large apartments at large rents.

Can anybody help, please? Needless to say, the studio would be in very good hands for six weeks.

Thankyou, Colin


Dear Alanya Folk
Hi Colin

I'm sorry I can't help you with self catering accommodation, but I know basic hotels like The Berkan are open for most of the year. You can find them on Travel They charge about £5 a night for B&B and The Berkan is definitely within a walk of shops and over the road from the beach. There are lots of Dolmuses which serve the outer areas of Alanya and some fantastic walks are possible.

Good luck with your search I am sure you will enjoy the beautiful areas around Alanya.



Dear Alanya Folk
Hello Colin, yes there are some beautiful walks in the mountains behind Alanya, Konakli, Oba etc. I go every Thursday with a German group in Alanya, we have a couple of small dolmus and about 40 of us go, we never really know were we are going till we get there so to speak. We walk for anything from 8klm to 12klm and all ages, I'm 72 another guy is 79 but the dolmus often follow on the rough tracks if it's possible so you can jump on if it got too much.
Sorry I cannot help you though regarding a studio apartment.


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Dear Alanya Folk
I think you ought to book an hotel for a week and then look for an apt . Theres plenty to rent in Oba and Mahmutlar . And if you keep an eye on SunshinHolidays .com Last April it was £27 for a weeks B&B ! Best house Hotel . Berken was even cheaper ..Diane

Sorry To Turkeynerd . That should have read = He pm'd me and all is now corrected !!!
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Dear Alanya Folk
There are lovely walks around the Dim Cay River area, plenty of restaurants up there too, the dam is well worth a visit as are the caves. A dolmus goes up to Dim Cay regularly and passes through Tosmur. I have an apt to rent in Tosmur, near Oba (4kms from Alanya), it's beside 2 restaurants with shops supermarkets etc nearby and across the road from the beach, even though it's 2 bedroom you could have it for €400 for 6 weeks



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Dear Alanya Folk
Last week i ventured into the mountains beyond Alanya by car and travelled 800 miles during that week, never saw many Dolmus tho.

The sites are fantastic and we stopped around almost every corner to take Pictures

Warrens post above sounds like the ideal solution.

Good luck enjoy yourself.

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