Days out
Hi Folks,
Ive been going to Bodrum for a while now and ive kinda got out of the way of doing boat trips etc.I am going over next week and taking a few family memebers that have never been to Turkey.Can anyone recommend a company or hotel that has a nice boat trip around the coast or a Turkish night ?Does anyone know how much it is into Club Bodrum these days?

Thanks Jo


Days out
Club Bodrum aka Halıkarnas? Opened two nights ago and charging 40 TL incl 1 free local drink. A friend who went in for first time- loved the place but spent all her 20 TL on a vodka and left later!

Boat trips - how long is a piece of string?!..The co-ops are working, and selling tickets , so you can take pot luck, or go and find a private boat and work out the cost. You might get one for 40-50 TL each if 6 or more of you?
But hunt around they wont be that busy

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