Dalaman Imar Plan Update
We were getting a lot of conflicting information on this, so thought we'd try to get some answers from the horse's mouth, assuming we could find the horse.

This is mainly for those in the Bozörű area who are waiting (hoping) for the Imar Planı to change the category of their land from “tarla” to “arsa” so that

  1. The land can be owned by foreigners with a tapu in their own name, without having to set up a company, and,
  2. The increased build permission from 5% (tarla) to 15 or 20% (arsa) will allow those such as Çurbanoğlu Hillside purchasers to obtain their tapus also
We went to the manager of the Tapu Office to see what he knew. He referred us to the Kadastral (Mapping) Department and we spoke to the manager there. He referred us to the Belediye Fen İşleri (Technical(?) Works) department. We spoke to he Manageress there and she confirmed that the new Imar Planı was basically complete and that Bozörű area was included (i.e. would become “arsa”)

However, she also confirmed what we had been told by a Turkish Estate agent, that a case had been opened in the courts (by one of the opposition parties? – not sure about that) against the Dalaman Tourism Plan, on which the new Imar Planı is based, and until such time as that case is decided, the plan would not come into force. We gained the impression that the outcome was almost certain to be positive, but as for time scale, we were told it could be one or two months – or one or two years.

The above is only our impressions and interpretations – don’t rely on them for any big decisions!
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Dalaman Imar Plan Update

Well that clears that up-or does it?
Typical beauracracy-same everywhere.

It is good news for those people at Hillside-they will get their Tapu in the fullness of time-which is more than I can say about our property in North Cyprus-the deeds might be issued in five years, but only if all goes well.


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