Dalaman Airport new terminal
I am going to Dalaman to pick up friends 2 questions kind people,
1/ Is the new terminal up and running, I did read it was opening Wednesday 4th July.
2/ If the new terminal is now up and running where do I pick up my friends.

Many thanks in anticipation


Dalaman Airport new terminal
Yes its open, opened this week. There is a short-term parking area right near the main exit


Dalaman Airport new terminal
Good question, I wish I had asked it on July 5th - would have saved a long walk in the sun!
1) Yes, the new terminal is up and running.
2) There is a car park adjacent to the new terminal. Its entrance is well before the old one. Arrivals is signposted.

Dalaman Airport new terminal
I successfully picked up my friends at Dalaman a little confusing but I am old ��, so this was my experience davem you are correct there is an entrance well before the old entrance but at the moment this is for car rental companies only, again at the moment I went in via entrance for old terminal it is signed domestic terminal ( old car park that was used for international) I drove to the far end of this car park and in the right hand corner is a road that takes you under the road that is the entrance to the car rental entrance, this brings you out where all the car rental cars are parked, follow this road passed all the coaches and mini bus and eventually you will come to a small car park with kerbstones round it, other car parks have no kerbstones, it is only a small car park and is for cars only, it is just a short walk to arrivals, when you exit car park turn right and pay at exit barrier, hope this helps.
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Dalaman Airport new terminal
Off to airport tonight has anyone been recently, do I still enter via old car park, last time I went was June so not sure if you still go via old car park as I did in June TIA

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