Czech Republic goes nuts over Turkish imports....
The Czech Republic has suspended imports of hazelnuts from Turkey, claiming that the nuts have been contaminated with toxic substances, especially aflatoxin.

Czech authorities held back 20 metric tons of hazelnuts, the country's food inspection agency said.
Officials said tests are being performed.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Black Sea Nut Products and Exporters Union (KFMIB), Kamil Yavuz claimed that "a single contaminated nut can change the test results of all exported nuts; however, this does not mean that all nuts are infected".

Yavuz also warned producers that they should dry nuts well before packaging.

Ordu Agriculture Chamber Chairman, Onur Sahin said some producers store their hazelnuts in nylon packages that harm the drying process, which in turn causes aflatoxin.

Turkey is among the largest producers of hazelnuts in the world, with 76 percent of total world production.

Turkey's hazelnut production is expected to reach 501,000 tons by the end of the year, while world production is expected to reach some 656,000 tons, data released by the Hazelnut Agriculture Sale Cooperatives Union (Fiskobirlik) show.

Last year, Turkey exported 217,650 tons of hazelnuts.

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