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customs when buying goods online from amazon,alibaba
Hi there,

I would like to ask about customs duty when you ship items from foreigner countries, I need to buy from 2 different places, I would like to ask if the items I'm ordering are subjected to any fees and how much would it cost?

1- books from price:~220EUR.
2- a hoverboard from alibaba

How much would I pay to get them cleared through Customs, does anyone know?

and thanks in advance
customs when buying goods online from amazon,alibaba
Whenever books have been intercepted - and it's rare - I end up paying the postman 1 TRY per item or something like that. (I get from awesomebooks in UK). Electronics - small stuff often comes through without issue (baby shusher, for example.) Just order, and be prepared to pay a small amount on top.

Make sure orders are under 50 euros (I think), otherwise then you have to fill out forms and stuff ... had some hassle when my sone's study books came from amazon in one order. So break orders up to make sure they are below threshhold.

Still it's a lot easier now. Back in 80s, getting Seasame Street videos for our kindergarten meant long ours at Karakoy ... and watching them all, end to end, with the customs guy in case there was any porn hidden in there.


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customs when buying goods online from amazon,alibaba
thx for your answer.

Speaking about books, I've ordered my study books from 2 years ago, and I paid 110 TL "gumruk" fees when the postman delivered them(the price was ~180 euro.)
last year I ordered books from amazon for about 200 euro and when I received them, I paid nothing. This year when I ordered books for 230 euro, I paid ~70 TL "gumruk" fee for the postman...
I really don't know how on the earth they calculate their fees! That's why I'm asking.
I never had to fill out forms and stuff but I had to pay...
I think next time I order books I will try to break orders.

However for the hoverboard I posted in op. the board costs 230$ ~200 Euro, I can't break that order cuz it's single item, so I'm trying to figure out how much will they make me pay for it...

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