My local town of Silifke is dominated by a castle on a nearby hill. As mentioned in this article it was used by Crusaders at various points in the past.

Where Crusaders Camped in Turkey - The New York Times

The article mentions other interesting crusader sites in Turkey.

What made me think of this is this next article. A case of "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" which shows how history is a continuous, living thing.

We still view the east from the Crusaders' battlements | Julian Glover | Comment is free | The Guardian


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The whole of the South Western coast is steeped in the history of the Crusades as it was on the "Campaign Trail"

Just a few miles across the waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean you have the historical castles of the "Knights of Rhodes" and the "Knights Hospitaller"

The Wikipedia piece is well worth reading [ame][/ame]
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there are some real horror stories about the behaviour of the Crusaders as they drove their way through these parts.
you can still read contemporary eye witness accounts of historians of the time.
İf you think of the logistics of taking a huge band of people across thousands of miles many of them ill equipped to deal with the terrain etc you begin to build up a picture of the reality of the Crusades.there were nine crusades in all over a period of about 200 years.
Most of the people on the march were poor citizens recruited to make up the numbers and being poor and hungry they had nothing to lose. By the time they got to Turkey they were in a state of near starvation and exhausted.
There is a famous account of a siege near Antioch..todays Antakya where the tales of the barbarism and cannibalism of the Crusaders is still told in many stories of the time.
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