Crossing the bridge – The sound of Istanbul
A couple from Istanbul have just opened a new trendy Meze bar / restaurant/nightclub just on our high street (lucky me). Apart from serving a great all day Turkish breakfast they play a great mix of contemporary Turkish Music and going there today suddenly reminded me of the film called “Crossing the bridge – The sound of Istanbul” launched a couple of years ago.

The documentary style film is directed by the famous German/Turkish director Fatih Akin and follows a German musician who recorded a load of Istanbul’s contemporary bands to show its vibrant and diverse music seen. The film features everything from Turkish Rock to Turkish gypsy bands to Kurdish folk to Turkish Rap etc. etc. – you can see the trailer.

Here are a couple of clips from the film that are on youtube:

Baba Zula play a unique mix of electrified traditional instruments, sometimes described as “oriental dub”. Their live performances are legendary; this is a little more chilled. They often play with other artists, and this is with the Canadian folk singer Brenna MacCrimmon.

[ame=]YouTube - Cecom - Brenna MacCrimmon and Baba Zula - Sound of Istanbul[/ame]

A blog I read the other day described this song as Kurdish Blues. Aynur Dogan has had a lot of her work banned by the government in the past for containing pro-kurdish separatist lyrics, this is sung in Kurdish. Apparently she started her music career just down the road from me in North London and often returns to play gigs etc.

[ame=]YouTube - Aynur - Ahmedo.[/ame]


Crossing the bridge – The sound of Istanbul
Thanks Nev, you don't post often but when you do it's always very interesting! I may be able to use some of this in my work. Tomorrow I am off to a school to organise a day of Turkish art and music. I do this from time to time and am always looking for new ideas.


Crossing the bridge – The sound of Istanbul
I rented this DVD from LOVEFILM if anyone is interested. It was really good and I loved the different musical styles as outlined by Nev

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