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crime vs reason
The criminal activity that has been increasing over the years within the communities has not been addressing the real root to the causes of crime.The offenders will continue to prey upon the community until an ideal solution is in place to eradicate crime from our society.
It is always the victim that is punished more then the offender.The victim goes through mental trauma of a feeling of being raped when burgled.They have to pay out very expensive alarm system with complicated issues and attached to it are also the increased insurances,questioning that causes stress etc.While the criminal is laughing at the victim by getting away with what he has selfishly gained from the victim.

Many crimes do go unpunished,which leads to a thinking that crime does pay and will make the criminal more bolder in their ways,without showing any remorse towards their victims.When they know they can get away with it very lightly when caught,promotes a culture of gangs working together to commit even more serious criminal acts.

I am fed up to the eyes of their feeble excuses from the criminal and the do-gooders saying they commit criminal acts due to poverty and instability in their lives that makes them like this[what a load of stupid brain dead thinking]Even people with millions of pounds still commit evil acts and show no conscience what so ever towards their victims,because they get a sense of achievement from selfishly gaining something from the victim.The materialistic thinking and also the feeling of having a power over the victim does fuel their criminal attitudes to grow. Millions who are in poverty do not go out and resort to crime.
The real reason why they commit evil acts on the innocence is for one reason only.They chose to commit crime.Everything we do is a product of our thinking and if they decided to go down that road of crime.Then they have freely chosen this way of life,which comes from the inner self,not his circumstances.Humans have the free will to know what is right in life and to know what to avoid that can degenerate a community.

I believe people can change if they are given the right knowledge to mend their ways in life and to distance themselves from the bad thoughts that can nurture a growing behaviour of crime.Crime breeds crime and to stop this spiral of criminal acts is to have a willingness to adjust their ways towards being motivated in a complete different thinking pattern.

My solution would be to compensate the victim fully and to go through a course of hard work to gain the sense of value of what work can achieve mentally and physically.And a study of ethics to gain a strength of the inner self that can lead to a well being within.To understand the importance of what is consumed for the human body to stay healthy will promote a inner strength that can exert a power of right thinking.
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