Credit card payments
We have an HSBC premier card which we do not use very much, mainly for when we book flights to the UK and that's all.

My wife had to go into the Jan Hospital Alanya Sept 2nd for an operation for which she stayed in overnight, on leaving we paid the bill on our credit card plus prescription medicines etc.

End of the month 31st Sept we paid 750tl at the desk upstairs, and said to the English speaking girl "We will pay the whole lot of at the end of October" OK she said no problem.

We went to the bank today to draw some cash and the cashier said "No money in account" Thinking he had got the wrong account number I laughed, he said again "No money in account" Turns out they had cleared both my current and daily savings account of 1220tl to put on the card, when I spoke to Evren upstairs he said "Oh yes, direct debit"

I had know idea they did that, I thought it would be the minimum payment a good job we had some cash back in the apt.

This happened to anyone else out there.


Credit card payments
Do you mean the bank or the hospital took the payment of 750?
I guess you mean the bank...
Finansbank will take everything they can get their hands on too, not just the minimum, but Akbank doesnt.


Credit card payments

You must set up a direct debit to pay your credit card. There are 2 options - minimum payment or outstanding balance. It appears HSBC applied the later. If you don't want them to do this again tell them you want the minimum payment option in future. You can always go online and make an additional payment if you wish.

We got caught out another way using this credit card. In the past we could use it to withdraw cash from our current account. No charges it worked like a debit card until August this year. When I got the statement they had treated these withdrawals as a credit card cash advance (4% charge!). Got nowhere complaining about these charges so now we have 2 new debit cards...

I think you have to watch you statements!


PS I hope your wife is feeling better


Credit card payments
Hi Chris, yes I meant the bank.

Hello Les ,thankyou for thoughts re wife, she is more or less fine now.

Well I thought it was set up for min. payment!! But they took all we had in the 2 accounts when the end month came round 6 days after we paid the 750 in. does'nt matter though I will pay all the rest off before monthend then it's clear.
But thanks for the info.

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