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Hi to you all,this is my first time on this website
went to Altinkum for a family holiday 12 yrs ago and loved it, i went back for a long weekend last week and could not believe how large it has grown and how many new apt blocks have been built, i was impressed with the beach front,because the last time i saw it, it was just a dusty dirt track.Last week i bought an apt in Altinkum for the family after having liasons with an estate agents in Altinkum for several weeks.The apt i bought was in the Appollo Village complex,has anyone else bought property there or in the same area,cannot wait to come back in april/may with the family, as the wife has not seen it yet!


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Craigie Boy
Welcome to the forum, Craigie Boy. Don't know your part of Turkey, but if it's anywhere near as good as our's then I know you will love it. You'll love the forum, too, full of helpful, friendly people. If you want to know anything at all, just ask.


Craigie Boy
WELCOME to the forum Craigie Boy, congratulations on your new home..

i hope you have many happy years in it..

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