Coup replacing UK government
Some of us having be talking on another thread re improving local government.

I then thought that as Gordon isnt massively popular to make it UK Govt not just local.

To this end we have decided that TLF will stage a coup and put its members in charge.

Tess is to be PM, I nominate Shirl for Foreign Minister.

Please give me your TLF nominations for other posts......


Coup replacing UK government
MI5 might suit me but as I work undercover you wouldnt know that so I guess I will just have to serve the new government just like the old.
Coup replacing UK government
I shall nominate myself for chancellor of the exchequer with a policy of hammering every single extremely wealthy tax dodger there is by closing down all their loopholes all of which I deal with on a daily basis with my hands tied behind my back.

Hang on though if I do that, the TLF political party will receive no 3rd party funding currently paid to the political parties by the dodgers to maintain the status quo !!!

If I do however hammer the rich and thus release their serfs from paying any income tax at all, then maybe those serfs will be happy to provide us with the necessary funds to us to maintain the new status quo !!!

Bankers, Hedge Fund managers, Currency & other commodity Traders, Royalty, Hooray Henry Landowners, Directors - beware we are after you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :gulme::gulme::gulme:

Now that sounds like a proper coup to me

ted j

Coup replacing UK government
Well, could we do any worse than the pillocks in at the moment ? UP THE REVOLUTION... YEAH. Any man in the atreet knows you don't give money away to other countries, when you're skint
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Coup replacing UK government
Can i be minister for family planning ........nothing as good as being seperated by 2000 miles .... I do qualify ..........Diane

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