Cost of Turkish Passport & Visa for UK
Would anybody know the cost of passport for a Turkish national and the type/cost of a visa for a 19 year old student to come to the UK for upto 12 months to improve their English. Would they also be able to work at all?

Cost of Turkish Passport & Visa for UK
Last year it was 260 TL for a 2 year passport.
For a visa you apply online via WorldBridge. A six month visa was 175 TL.
Their application would probably be refused if it was "to improve their English".
They would not be able to work unless it was exceptional circumstances.


Cost of Turkish Passport & Visa for UK
I understand it is almost impossible for Turkish people to get a visa to come to either Britain or Ireland. They need verification of working status in Turkey and ownership of property so that the authorities are assured they will return to Turkey. Even then it is not guaranteed.


Cost of Turkish Passport & Visa for UK
Its not a guaranteed process but to state it's "almost impossible" is completely wrong.

Yes, each application is dealt with based on its own merits, but I know an awful lot more folks who have been successful than those who have been refused - And this covers settlement/spouse, student & student visitor visas.

To the original poster - yes, it is possible for a Turkish National to obtain a student visa *and* have permission to work; however, they will need to be enrolled in a recognised school or college - at least that's how it was last year. I know there have been changes to the criteria for schools and colleges to be accepted as genuine so best check up on that.

They may be able to get a Student Visitor visa easier, it doesn't allow working and the education attendance criteria is a bit looser. I'm not sure, but I think the maximum stay may be six months only.

Cost of Turkish Passport & Visa for UK
Perhaps biffo should clarify. The original post read like the student just wanted to visit England to improve their English (or thats how I understood it) in which case it would be virtually impossible to get a visa. If however they have enrolled on a recognised course then their chances will be improved but not guaranteed.


Cost of Turkish Passport & Visa for UK
Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping a Turkish journalist here with their English etc, they are here to study English for a year and then go back to Turkey to carry on working for a Turkish Newspaper. She has also enrolled in a recognised college course.

According to her they can only work if they have at least 7 months visa and only for 20 hours a week. They can earn between £100 - £150 pound depending on the hourly rate.

She has applied and is currently waiting on a work visa, she has been in the country for only 3 months now with the view of staying to study for another 9months.

Not sure if that helps?
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