cost of entry visa
Can anyone tell me have entry visas gone up in price? Iv heard some have increased e.g for ireland its now 15e, maybe someone knows about possible increases, thanks


cost of entry visa
Re: cost of hentry visa

I heard the Irish entry has gone up but British still £10.


cost of entry visa
Ah yes- this went around last week:
As discovered by Dutch Nationals entering at the Bodrum Harbour Passport entry
and subsequently checked as well as can possible (without an official written request)
An instruction came from Ankara on 27 April, effective 29 April for Tourists Visas payable on arrival.
Tourist visa for British passport holders is still 10 GBP - or 15 euros
Tourist Visa for American or Australian passsport holders USD$20 or 15 Euros
Tourist Visas for other EU nationals, where they used to pay a visa fee, now all have to pay 15 euros.
There may be some winners but also some losers - eg Dutch nationals now have to pay 15 euros instead of 10 euros. ( as do IRISH?)
German passport holders ( and Swiss?), no charge.
No copy of the list available as it is a 'government document' ( so applies to all ports of entry)
So warn people again to have correct change and currency available.!!!

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