"Corny Jokes".
My mate set me up on a Blind Date.

He said,

"She's a lovely girl, but there's something you should know. She's expecting a Baby."

I felt like a right idiot waiting in the Pub, wearing nothing but a Nappy.
"Corny Jokes".
Napoleon came home from the War, tired and weary, wet and wounded,

And went straight round to Josephine’s boudoir,

He was shocked to find a large pair of Gum Boots outside her boudoir door.

“Josephine..! Josephine..! Mon Dieu...!” he called out.

“What are these big Rubber Boots doing out here”..???

“They’re not Rubber Boots,” said Josephine.


“They’re Wellington’s”.. 1f642.png
"Corny Jokes".
I once went out with a Female Police Sergeant called Tina.

She asked me to stay the night..???

And in the morning, she asked if I would like a Cooked Breakfast..???

I replied,

"I wasn't Hungry".

And so I told her.


"Don’t Fry For Me Sergeant Tina".
"Corny Jokes".
A young man had been working as a Bag Boy in a Supermarket for several years.

Then one day, the Supermarket went an got new Orange Juice Machines.

The Bag Boy was excited and asked the Manager if he could work the Juice Machines..???

The Manager turned him down, Flat.

The Bag Boy said,

"But Sir, I've been working here for five years. Why can't I run the Juice Machines"..???

The Manager said,

"I'm sorry, but Baggers can't be Juicers."

( I'll get my coat 1f6b6_200d_2642.png )


Grey wisdom
"Corny Jokes".
I just e-mailed "This is a stickup!!!!" to my online bank.
Do you think they'll put the money in my account or will I have to wait for an e-mail back?
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