"Corny Jokes".
The managing director of Dulux Paints has sadly died of Hypothermia today.

It happened whilst he was trekking across the Antarctic..

Paramedics said, "It was his own fault",

As he could have done with Another Coat.
"Corny Jokes".
A Prostitute told me I could have Sex with her for the reduced rate of £10.

As she didn't have a Womb.

Intrigued, I asked how we gonna do it then..???

She replied,

"Acwoss the Woad, against those Wailings."


Kipper restorer
"Corny Jokes".
When I went to the dentist last week to sort out a new partial plate, he said that he had to do an impression.
To be honest, considering that he's Bangladeshi, his John Wayne was really quite good. (y)
"Corny Jokes".
So I was working on a building site and the delivery driver says to me,

"Why won't you sign for these Elevators"..??

I said,

"I'm not allowed to accept Lifts Off Strangers".


Kipper restorer
"Corny Jokes".
The bloke who scanned my items at Tescos today, was rude, unhelpful, had terrible body odour and smelled like he'd been boozing.
That's the last time I use the self checkout...... 😡
"Corny Jokes".
During my Wife´s labour,

The Nurse came up to us and said,

¨How about Epidural Anaesthesia"..??

I said, ¨Thanks, but we´ve already picked George as a name".

(I bet she was from Russia to think of a name like that).

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