"Corny Jokes".

This picture below is of a Spitfire dropping British beer, to those gallant fighting soldiers waiting on the beaches of Normandy, as they pushed forward their advance into France, back in 1944.

My Grandfather on my Dad's side, was one of the Brave Pilots that carried out many of these "Drops".

His parents were actually German but he was born and raised in a small northern village called Blubberhouses.

He joined the RAF from leaving school, eventually living his dream of being a British Pilot.

His name was Captain Klaus Jäger.

Among his friends and many peers, he was known as -

"Jäger the Bomber", later in the 21st Century shortened to Jägerbomber.

And I am sat here extremely happy in the knowledge,

That I have completely wasted a good part of your morning, you silly gullible old fart.

As I have just completely made all that tripe up.
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