"Corny Jokes".
I was going to tell you a Joke about the Royal Mail,

But I've decided, I better not,

Cos, it's all about the "DELIVERY".
"Corny Jokes".
I was walking around, minding my own business, when I got attacked by the Pavement..??

Yep, guys.

It was a Physco-Path
"Corny Jokes".
A Moth goes into a Doctor's office,

Doctor says, "What seems to be the Problem"..???

The Moth says,

"Well you see Doc, I've been beginning to think, what's the point of it all".??

"I only seem to be on this earth to Eat, Breed and Die, Life seems so Pointless and Empty". 1f641.png

The Doc says,

"Well, I think you really should be speaking to a Phycologist or a Therapist rather than a Doctor"..??

"Anyway, what made you come to see me"..??


"Well, your Light was On".


Kipper restorer
"Corny Jokes".
Defense ------ Caribbean speak for what the horse jumps over.

Defeat------Caribbean speak for the first part of the horse over defense.

Detail------Caribbean speak for the last part of the horse over defense.


Kipper restorer
"Corny Jokes".
Please say an *Amen* for my Wife.
She's in A&E, after getting Stung by a Bee.
She has a Swollen Face, broken nose and Two Black Eyes.
She howled when the Bee Stung her on the Forehead.
Luckily enough for her, I was close enough to smack the Bee with my Shovel. (y)

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