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Just a note to let you know that my husband George will be playing smooth jazz on his saxaphone on Friday evening 7th August at Cafe Asiago in Yalikavak. Free entrance, good food. Why not come along?

james fowler

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cool jazz
I absolutely adore saxaphone music but will not arrive until late on the 14th is he planning any other nights as I would love to hear him regards James


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cool jazz
Hi Lesley, we come over later on in the month, has he any other gigs lined up.

Regards, Steve.
cool jazz
Sorry Akasya and James, George and I will be going home on the 14th, shame we won't get to meet you. He will be back in early January and will probably play somewhere local depends whose open.
George brings one of his saxaphones each time he comes so will just post the dates when he is here and there is always someone who will want him to play.
Enjoy your holidays.
cool jazz
Thanks to all that came along to Cafe Asiago on Friday, a good night was had by all. It was nice to meet others from the forum too.
My husband (George) will be playing again somewhere else soon and I can keep you all posted.
For those who live in the West Midlands he and our son play on a regular basis.
If you saw 'Jools' on Britains Got Talent. George plays same type of music.
Thanks again for coming.

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