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Consumer Rights
l am not quite sure if this article is in the right place.

I hear stories of the buyer being sold shoddy goods and when the buyer goes back to complain about the state the goods are in.He is either met with aggressive behaviour as well as the cold shoulder treatment.

So l have done a little research in finding out the reasons behind their motives and why they are selling the goods that are only fit for the dump.They will more likely take advantage if they know you are a tourist and not living here
The goods you buy should have an automatic 2 year warranty against any faults that might occur and should never argue with you in returning the goods to ask for a replacement or your money back.lf they do,then they are hiding something.And this is what l have found.

1/Small businesses sometimes will sell goods with minor defects that are not that noticeable.They buy wads of goods with material design problems cheaply and sell them at the retail price that will not pass the quality control,whether it is foreign or national goods.A lot of small shops sell left over export products that have failed the quality inspection test and therefore will sell them on showing a disloyal to the customers.

2/They are totally ignorant of the consumer laws and have an attitude towards the consumer that suits them.

3/They do not buy in huge bulk like the big stores do,where they can qualify for the discounts and make a profit on that,where the small business guy will be left with no discount,because of the small turnover .This will encourage an attitude,where they are not bothered because of the buying terms are not in their favour from the manufacturer.

When buying any kind of goods[it doesn’t matter if it is only 1 lira]always ask for a receipt.This is the only proof you have to show the retailer where you bought it from,just in case you need to exchange the product.Make sure also the receipt has the date and clearly shows the product and code number[if there is one].

If You are confronted with aggressive behaviour and they refuse to do anything about it,then you use the consumer rights law.You put it to them you will be applying to the consumer rights arbitration court.They will give in once they know you are in the know of your rights.

Also when purchasing the goods from a shop.Tell them clearly until they understand that you mean business that you will bring it back to the store if there are any faults and get them to sign the receipt as well,just in case they deny what they have said.

I have to stress that not all stores are like this and just have your guard up to protect your rights and not fall into their trap they lay out for the buyer.Apart from that,happy shopping

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