Construction firms plan price hike
Here in the Provinces of Aydin / Izmir there are hundreds of properties both new & resale on the market it has been like this for sometime & yet they continue to build more. Who they hope to sell them to is beyond me!!! Im not shure yet if they have worked out there is a recession . So a 10% hike in price is not going to help the situation unless they no defferent......


Construction firms plan price hike
I think theyre talking about in the established "normal" city real estate market areas that are mainly driven by Turkish buyers such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya, where there is a steady and recorded Price Per Square meter record to judge prices on.

I dont think theyre referring here to the astronomical prices by the smaller developers in the resort areas although Im sure they'll do it anyway as it always seems the case in Turkey that if youre product or service isnt selling then UP the price, honestly, is there no teaching of profit margins, liquidity and cashflow for these people?
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