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Devon Dave

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Confused - what to do in Turkey?
Semi retired and thought moving to Devon was as good as it got!!
But times change………..
We want to spend 4-5 months in Goa each winter and now I want to move to Dalyan and leave a property here in the UK to rent out. Been looking at places to buy but know the sensible route is to rent in Turkey for a year first to make sure it’s what we want. My wife’s main concern is “what are we going to do all day apart from sunbathe and drink”!!!!!! Don’t know how to convince her otherwise. (Suggestions gratefully received!!)


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Confused - what to do in Turkey?
Welcome to TLF Dave. What do you do all day in Devon, or Goa? Many people buy a place in Turkey and use it as a base to travel from. Turkey is a big place to tour at your leisure. There is loads of sight seeing to be done and fabulous food to be eaten.

Devon Dave

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Confused - what to do in Turkey?
My wife is still working pretty much full time and I have a part time job. We have only been to Goa for a 4 weeks in a year but it’s mostly beach but we hire a scooter so we can do a bit of local travel. My vision for Dalyan would be much the same but with some fishing and maybe animal voluntary work thrown in. I know I can be happy doing not a lot but it’s trying to convince “The Fun Controller” of that.:unsure:


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Confused - what to do in Turkey?
Welcome Dave , we used to do goa every year , usually hired an enfield and travelled about . Turkey is a great place fir culture , the sights are legendary and main roads pretty good for biking around ( we have an burgman650 ) , there is also a well developed music and opera scene in Turkey , my hearts desire is Aida at Aspendos one year . Ruins are everywhere , at every turn you encounter a non commercialised ode to history , just lurking .
Good luck , enjoy .


Confused - what to do in Turkey?
I got asked this a lot when I said I was retiring. I was always stunned by the question

What do you do in the summer in the UK? Well you can do this most of the year in Turkey

If all you do is work eat sleep and work some more, an you have no concept of what you will do with yourself if that were to end????? Then there's no hope.

For me the only limits to what I do and how much I do that is not work related, are my age, time and money.

For now I "get by" with

Golf (3X a week)
Paddleboarding (1X a week)
Fishing (Occasionally)
Walking hiking wildlife spotting (Occasionally)
Socialising with my new Turkish and Ex Pat friends (At least once a week)
Paragliding (Taking session in April / May)
Jet Skiing (Buying now when we recover from buying the villa)
Learning to Sail, (planned for the future)
Sight seeing (been to Cappadocia, Pumicelike, Alanya, Istanbul, Kas, Fethiye Olympus beech)
Skiing (next season)
Reading a book in the sunshine on my patio (most days)

And of course, spending time on the internet :)

I have a TV which in the UK takes up a lot of my spare time, but I hardly get time to watch it over here.
Confused - what to do in Turkey?
We retired very young, to Turkey and people used to ask what we did with our time. There's walking groups, cycling groups, quizzes, voluntary work. Loads to do. We get up early, between 7 and 8 in order to fit our day in. We love touring Turkey and visiting other countries. It's great to just on the spur of the moment say, let's book this flight to wherever (after checking we can book our dog into the kennels). You find new hobbies and interests, and like Chasey, we rarely have time to watch TV. Once you get your 'home comforts,' it's not like being on holiday. It's like having your home in the sun. Good luck. xx

Devon Dave

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Confused - what to do in Turkey?
Thanks all !!!
Think I’m finally making headway!!!!!!!!!
Watch this space.
Cheers to you all!


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Confused - what to do in Turkey?
Hello and Welcome DEVON DAVE - I have a school friernd living in Totnes, Devon and she is moving here - to Side (pronounced See-Day) near Antalya in Southern Turkey - where I have lived for 15 years. Like you, I did wonder if I would be bored in my retirement, especially as I did not know anybody when I first came to Side. Silly me, I don't have enough time now to see all the friends I would like to see - not just Turkish and English people, but all nationalities.

Having been to 135 countries, lived in Washington DC for 10 years, South Africa for one year, and then travelled the world for a year, I took a cheapo holiday to a place I knew nothing about = Side. The rest is history.

Turkey is indeed a big country with so many beautiful places to visit. Look at KAŞ - Photos of Kaş - Google Search AND if you do visit Kaş, stay at the Hideaway Hotel. It has fantastic views from its roof-top terrace which is where breakfast is taken. Kaş would be my second choice in which to live, if it was not so far from any airport. It is 4 hours from either Antalya or Dalaman airports.

OR Istanbul of course but there are hundreds of jelly fish in Istanbul- which makes it impossible to swim there.

... more later ...

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