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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post so I am sorry if I am going over old ground here.

My husband and I are looking at moving to Turkey for good in the very near future. We are looking for somewhere that doesn't turn into a ghost town in the winter months as we are planning on making it our permanent home.

I am just a bit worried about all the different things I have read regarding residence permint/visas and work visas.

We needed to be able to work in Turkey as our savings wont last us forever, but it seems that it is almost impossible to come by a work visa?? Is this correct or does it vary depending on where you choose to live?

Also if can we pay for 5 year residence visas the first time we apply or do we need to apply for 1 year then 2 year etc?? If we can apply for 5 year visas what happens after the five years? Do you have to continue to pay for residence visas forever?:dizzy:

I would be really grateful for any responses to this as our plans to move depend on it.


Bex :thanks:


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It is almost impossible to get a work permit, so if your plans hinge on that you will need to reconsider. It makes no difference where you are in Turkey.
Anyway, it is the responsibility of your employer to get the permit, you can not apply in your own right. Seasonal work in the travel business is available with the big firms who will get your permit. It depends what work you want to do.

I seem to recall that the first Residence Permit is for one year, then subsequently you can apply for up to five years. But I did hear of one person who got the five year Permit on the first application.

You have to keep applying for the duration of your stay. The only alternative is that you take on Turkish citizenship or they join the EU.

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If you don't want or can't afford a Residence Permit, you can just get a 90 day Tourist Visa and renew it by doing a "visa run" to Greece each time it comes close to expiring.

But, as immac says, getting a Work Permit is almost impossible. If moving here is reliant on you finding work here in Turkey, forget it.
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We did apply for a 5 year residency on our first application without any problems. That was in Fethiye, whether it is a problem elsewhere I don't know.


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YOu can get a residence permit for 5 years on first application. It does depend a lot on how much time you have left on your British passport. If you have more than five years left then you should be able to get a 5 year residence permit.


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if you are thinking of relocating to Turkey you must like the place (I hope this is not just a whim but that you have visited regularly, really understand the culture, systems of government and regulations that apply to foreigners)

I would advise doing some serious research, on official sites, and dont rely on what you read on forums like this. Invariably you get part of the information but often it is misleading at best and totally wrong at worst

just be sure its what you want to do before you leap.

I get the impression you are not at that stage yet so I urge caution


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Hi having moved over to Turkey 2 and a half years ago getting a residence permit was very easy ,opening bank account ect all very simple ,But please please take care if you intend to work .we leased a bar but were unable to actually work there after applying for work permit and finding it is a complete mine field of paper work and hassle we realise they are very difficult to get.My advice for anyone moving to Turkey is if you want to retire here it is perfect but working legally is impossible and not worth the risk .
So think long and hard before you make the move .


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Anyone who makes Turkey their permanent home should legally have a Residence Permit, some of those renewing 90 day visas continuously have been stopped and questioned at the Harbour here in Kusadasi...also a Residency Permit enables you to have a telephone line, internet, buy a car etc.


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Thank you to everyone for your quick and helpful replies.

It doesn't look like we will be able to look at moving to Turkey if we won't be able to work there. :eek:(

Thanks again,


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