Confused, body clock all messed up.
Ok I do know where I am, I know what time it is, but body is still fighting it.

Three weeks ago, was leaving Turkey to Georgia.
Three days later Georgia to Azerbaijan.
Ten days later fly back to Georgia.
Throw in a week in Georgia, then get recall to UK this weekend due to relative passing away. ( Was not required to attend, but for me this relative was a must attend)
Monday go to work, get a days work in then catch flight to Istanbul.
This morning get first flight to London from Istanbul.
Pick up hire car.
Drive to mums house in Herts to pick up spare keys for my UK apartment (my keys were in Baku,Azerbaijan)
Drive to Notts.

Luckily I had my best suit with me in Georgia as myself and SWMBO attended a Charity function last friday. A bally lucky that I left a spare set of keys for the apartment with Mother.

The time differences have generally only been plus/minus 1 or 2 hours each flight, last couple of days was minus 4.

Went to ASDA today, and tonight I am having a cold Bud, no blummin EFES in ASDA. We get EFES in Both Georgia and Azerbaijan. So I blame it on EFES defficiency.

Do not ask how much a small EFES is in the airport hotel, I did not even look at the bill, just put it on the Tab ( I have a good idea though) Was not bothered about the cost, just needed a beer last night. Was more worried about mum not being able to remember where her safe hiding place was for the house keys, and having to call out a locksmith.

Any way, now at home, TMobile internet sim card still works (obviously)
Stocked up the fridge with a few days worth of food (and beer)
Went out to my favourite real English Fish and Chips shop.
Turned on Water, no leaks so far, looking good.
Turned up heating to Winter setting from cold watch setting.
Switched on TV, nothing. Then remembered that I needed to re-tune the freebox thingy.

So will be in UK for one week (first time this year), then start to reverse the above process.
Back to Georgia via Istanbul, next week etc etc.

Confused? you should be, I am.


Confused, body clock all messed up.
After reading all that, I'm not only confused but well tired too boot. :38:


Confused, body clock all messed up.
blimey, i think you lost me in Georgia somewhere, but isn;t funny how when you have to do these things your body just keeps going as if its saved its battery just for the occasion.

by the way i think tesco's do EFE's so get along there and revive yourself.

take care


Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Confused, body clock all messed up.
No matter what, it's always EFES time. Is the sun over the yard arm yet? YES, lol


Confused, body clock all messed up.
A few years back I flew from Melbourne to San Francisco, despite the fact that the flight took around 20 hours I actually got to SF before I set off.:wacko:

Despite understanding the logic of pasting thought the International Dateline, it took a while before my head and body clock got to grips with it all.

Have a safe journey on the way back.


Confused, body clock all messed up.
Just don't post questions to test us all on that.


Confused, body clock all messed up.
Funeral done and dusted, quite a good day actually ( as good as these days can be). Was more of a final goodbye and relief to immediate family.

At the wake, it was apparent that a great weight had been lifted off their sholders.

Met some relatives that I would have liked to have seen more often if I had not been living abroad.

One relative did upset my little sister, the relative in question (distant relative) had been trying to work out if I was the eldest or my sister, when they saw us together she said it was easy to tell as I looked much younger.

I am 44, sis is 39(+2, she stopped counting before the 40)

Must admit that I do scrub up well.

Nearly forgot, we had a good laugh at the wake.
At the Crem the Rev mentioned that it was a nice day, sun was shining, and it was warmer for the time of year.....
Not as warm as it is going to get for Uncle (the departed) I whispered to my Sis.
So at the wake I mentioned this to my cousin (son of departed) retired Police officer and Pallbearer at my fathers dispatch. He nearly p****d himself.
You need to be family to understand our sense of humour. At my fathers wake it was the same cousin that reminded me what my father always said when he drove past the crem, "Frying tonight".

So official duties done.

Now to get a couple of days Christmas pressies shopping done in UK for the UK relatives, real pressies not just sending them money.

Got the nephews sorted, they both play guitar, they both need some new effects peddles and other guitar bits, easy for me to get as I play a guitar too (badly).

They both have 40 Watt amplifiers which are great for practice and thier garage band, but I have a 100W studio amp that I no longer use.
Told sis that I will give it to them. They will be thrilled, my sister is not.

So two days left in Notts, then down to Herts to annoy my sister then Tuesday back on the plane to Georgia.

Sorry not managed to check out Tescos to find Efes yet.


Confused, body clock all messed up.
Enjoy the next couple of days and get a good rest and catch up with your Sis etc. Great read your first and last posts, take care.

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