Confounding security
Ok so I got to the airport and read up( again) on what all the new regulations were regarding hand luggage,and packed accordingly.( Never one to rock the boat!!)

Queued obligingly and put my rucksack on the conveyorbelt to be scanned and walked easily through the xray thingummy bob,expecting to pick up my rucksack on the "other side" without mishap.


The rucksack was grabbed by the security girl on instructions from the bored looking guy at the camera desk,and put through again. I waited patiently.......again it came through,but the guy yelled out" Stick that through again please?" to the girl. And again it went through.

Next I knew they guy was calling the girl over and I heard him tell her my rucksack looked dead " dodgy" and to unpack the entire thing.

OK so now my hert is pounding,wondering what the heck I actually packed that could cause them so much anguish?? The girl told me that there was some " unexplained substance" in my luggae and asked me if I had packed it myself,and had anyone interfered with it?

No and No!! Or had they? Nah....I remember that far back( worries about early onset dementia beginning to set in by now)........ the whole flipping lot was churned out to find????????

Eeeeeeerrr......4 packets of gluten free spaghetti !!!

The girl yelled back to the guy....." It's spaghetti" and I won't repaet his reply,but will just say he wasn't sure he believed her and asked her to bring the 'suspect packages'over for his inspection.......which she dutifully did.

He screwed his face up and then laughed.............WOAH!! It really is just spaghetti!!!! Gave me a wink and they let me through,saying" Well that's a first!!!"

Goodness knows what they really thought I was bringing?



You can tell I am tired after the flight.....

I meant yes and no....yes I packed it and no,nobody had interferred with it.

And apologies for the typos.........arggh............I need some sleep.

It's been a long day.

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Confounding security
your lucky,i was once stopped with a jar of branston pickel,and had it taken off me and was told it could be made into a bomb,lol


in my own clique
Confounding security stopped with a kilo of MSG.(.monosodium glutemate) in my hand luggage ..what a nightmare that was..i think they thought it was heroine or cocaine ..last time i bring that over:95im:


Confounding security
Hi Saffie

Gluten free spaggetti eh, living on the wild side I see.



Confounding security
About 3 years ago I went to UK for a visit and decided I wanted one of those novelty toilet seats - you know the kind - out of date now - but mine's got fishes and sea shells on it. I went to Gatwick and put the toilet seat on the conveyer along with my handbag and waited for it to come through. The security guy, who erstwhile was slouched on his chair looking really bored, sat upright with a funny expression on his face and had to do a double take. He immediately looked up and around and then called his mates over to have a look. He then caught my eye and I laughed and gave him the thumbs up. He asked me where I was going and when I told him he said "don't they have toilet seats there then". He said that it was a "first" for him and hoped that I enjoyed it when I got to Turkey. At least it put a smile on his face and gave him a tale to tell to his mates in the pub later. :95im:

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