Con M.P.
The Daily Telegraph online in the past hour have a story about David Curry, M.P. for Skipton & Rippoff. sorry Ripon.
He is on the committee overseeing expense claims by M.P.s in general.
The Right Honourable is standing down from his duties from this committee because of investigations conducted by the Telegraph.
It looks like he has claimed almost £30,000 for a cottage, and he was not entitled to the dosh.
The Telegraph reckon Dave C. will be very annoyed.
Con M.P.
He can't event spell 'biography' (David Curry MP: Biography) - how's his maffs?

Scary fact: studied international politics under Dr Henry Kissinger on a 'scholarship' in the late 60s. among the names of the trsutees for the scholarship is, of course, a Rothschild. former kennedy scholars include David Miliband and Ed Balls ...
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