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Complexes in Trouble
I have been speaking to a Turkish guy about the vast majority of complexes will never get their tapu’s and the H.C,because of the ongoing problems with the Municipal of not paying the land man and the taxes.He also said many Complexes are also connected to the organized gangs out to make easy money with no intention of paying the taxes.They are more interested in finding the land to build the many multiple properties as complexes,then they would as single plots because of the millions of pounds it can generate in one area.Where a single plot is more troublesome and a lot less money to make.
One complex has already had 20 properties sold 5 times over and now the gang has disappeared with the money never to be seen.

Even though what appears to be a tapu being issued doesn’t mean that is the genuine tapu for could be a fraudulent copy and also it may be the tapu that is not qualified to be issued with the H.C.
Can anyone confirm this please.Are the organized gangs involved in the complexes and who is allowing them to get away with not paying their taxes.Why does the municipal authorities do not investigate these complexes financial side, when they claim to be in debt when the signs are there that it could’ve been transferred abroad and to other bank accounts within Turkey.

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