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Comparing TLF Members with Animals
This is just a bit of fun,by picking out a member that sticks out in your mind and compare that member to an animal you think is a spitting image in character and behaviour.
l picked Ceemac out,because of his witty sense of humour and his calm and collective behaviour.Reminds me of the hoopoe bird,because of it's comical appearance.
lt goes something like this..eeeh..emmm.
Slight alterations l copied from a frog joke
Ceemac’s day kick off with a bad thought,as he was brushing his 3ft long comb on top of his head with his feet,he thought l have to go to the doctor to discuss my problem.With his cumbersome displayed comb that resembles a red skin mohican that had a bad night and people telling him to sit on top of the telly so they can get a better reception on their programmes was just to much for Ceemac and needed to talk to some one professional.
Doctor “he asked” in total there anything you can do for me.l am just at the end of my feather[sorry l mean tether]when people come up to me and throw me some seeds and ruffle my feathers.And then they have the cheek to shout out.”hey” Hoopoe,where are the other two from the marx brothers,was to much for me.”Well” the doctor said.My diagnosis is you’re a lost case,but l do know of a witch that lives deep in the enchanted forest that may be able to help you,please doc.”tell me”,where is this witch.The doctor gave Ceemac the directions leading to the witch.
Of he goes walking to the forest while people at the same time people were throwing him some seeds and asking ceemac for his services to sit on the telly.”ya”!,you just wait,when l come back you won’t even recognize me.
Ceemac calls upon the witch and tells his problem.”Witch” l have this big comb stuck on my head that is 3 foot long.So from my shoulders to the tip of my comb is 5 foot high.l can’t walk outside on a windy day without sailing away.Please can you help me,you are my only hope.The witch stares in amazement by the size of the comb and said.Go deep in the forest that way until you reach a pond with a frog sitting on a log.This frog is magical powers.You say to the frog,will you marry me?When the frog says no,you will find 1 foot less of your comb gone
Ceemacs face lit up and dashed to the pond and called out to the frog that was sitting o the log,”hey”,frog,will you marry me.The frog looked at Ceemac and replied “No”!.Ceemac brushed his comb with his feet and noticed one foot of comb had disappeared.He was so excited about this,because now he knows he’s on a roll.So,he decided to ask the frog to marry him again,”Frog”,will you marry me?in a loud voice.
The frog was getting very annoyed with this guy,that is hell bent in marrying a frog.”No”the frog screamed back.Ceemac felt a little light headed and scratched his head again with his feet,only to notice 2feet on comb has disappeared.At last he said ,but l still have 1 foot of the mowhekan hair style on my head.But he hesitated for a while,will l be treated as a hoopoe in society with a shorter comb or will l still have the hoopoe taken out of me.
He thought ,”Ya”,l want it all off.So he shouted to the frog one last time,”Hey”,frog,will you marry me.The frog was really annoyed now and said for the last time,NO,NO,NO.
So,the moral of the story is accept the way you are,or find yourself with no head.
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Comparing TLF Members with Animals
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Comparing TLF Members with Animals
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