Community spirit without the spirit
Ramadan started here in Turkey, and the rest of the Muslim world, yesterday. This is where Muslims fast between dawn and dusk everyday for a month.

There were lots of TV news reports about people attending mosques (and shrines and tombs, which is a hangover from ancient local Anatolian and pagan Turkic customs which Islam hasn’t managed to eradicate) and families preparing for the ‘Iftar’ meal together which would break the fast at the end of the day.

(There is a good article here if anybody is interested Ramadan - - )

This got me, an Atheist, thinking. One of the few things I have ever missed about religion is the sense of community it can bring, when a large number of your family, friends and neighbours are engaged in the same (normally senseless) acts. Growing up as a Roman Catholic in an Irish community I never looked forward to Mass but did like the after Mass craic of hanging around with my friends outside the church whilst my parents caught up with the local gossip. And as I got older nipping off to the pub with those same friends when my parents went home.

Atheists like the “herding cats” analogy but I do wish there was more of sense of community involved among the Godless.
Community spirit without the spirit
Hi Joe..i would bet that about 50%..if not more or the '' religious community '' are you are not alone hah

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