Coming over in February!!
Coming over in February to see what we can afford and where exactly we want to live in..
Staying in Ortakent..

Is there any advice for us, what we should do and see?? Someone may know a beautiful village or an area, a great restaurants or a café no one else knows.. A Must see!!!???

Also any good developments someone might know...

Thank you..
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Coming over in February!!
Honestly I am confused which of your threads I have answered!
Everyone knows the good places??!!
Bitez Beach - Sunday brunch- NS or GS
Ortakent-Yahsi- Sakiz Ana or Turgutreis opposite the LOCAL BAR - Sevinc Abla(?) for good homemade food.
Viras on Ortakent beach for a coffee watching the rain and sea :)
Bitez Bit pazar ( 2ndhand market) Sunday
Camel-wrestling Milas 14 Feb ( a different Valentines day!)
Gumusluk - kofte sandwich! Then a beer or three at Mars or Gonulcelen..
see Eating in Yalikavak thread - for the whole buzz there
A meyhane evening beside the fish shops in Bodrum
how long have you got?


Coming over in February!!
kafedaki restaurant in the gumbet hills ,a definite must,spectacular views and mouth watering food,they will come and collect you ,a bit pricey but worth every korun,just google kafedakibodrum ,better than any of gordon ramseys restaurants
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Coming over in February!!
Thank you all for your answers..
Am I sounding desperate or demanding Chris??
Bitez Beach - Sunday brunch- NS or GS What is NS or GS??

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