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The Hittites were an interesting people. Forgotten about almost totally for thousands of years – apart from a few brief mentions in the Bible – they were rediscovered about a hundred and fifty years ago. And what a rediscovery. They bordered with Troy (before the Greeks came bearing gifts) on the west, traded with the Assyrians, swept through Mesopotamia conquering Babylon and fought the Egyptians, toe-to-toe, to a draw. Not in one day, like. Or even one century, but over a few hundred years in the second millennium BC.

They were a mountain people, based in the heartland of Anatolia but that’s not where they came from. No-one is sure where they came from but as they are the first recorded speakers of an Indo-European language they probably moved in from the north, coming either east or west around the Black Sea.

So between three and four thousand years ago Rough Cilicia, along with most of modern Turkey, was part of the Hittite Empire. And on Sunday we trotted up into the mountains to see the Colak Kiz, or “Girl with a Broken Arm” which is a Hittite relief carved into the face of a cliff.

Cliff faces seem to be just too tempting for sculptors around here.

This visit involved a relatively easy walk up a mountain side, rather than a suicidal fall down one, but we needed a guide because it’s not that easy to find the path up. So we parked in the village square and sat in the café and started chatting. Or rather the wife did. I sat looking enigmatic. We got a local villiager to be our guide and it turns out he knows people we know so things went very smoothly. Apart from the path which was very rocky.

Did you see what I did there? Anyway we went up the mountain path,


to the three thousand year old carving on the cliff face.


Here it is with my daughter being used for scale, which may or may not be against the child labour laws.


The area is just full of “stuff” which I may expand upon later. We are going back next week to be shown some of the things not in the guide book.

If you have a cynical capitalist mind like mine you may be wondering how much this tour and “off the record” sightseeing costs. Nothing. Our friend, as he is now, even picked us a big bag of fruit from his garden on the way back down and told my wife he would be offended if she even thought about offering money for it. Her knowledge of Hittite culture impressed him (if we find any writing, cuneiform or hieroglyphic, she may well be able to read it) and he was captivated by our daughter’s enthusiasm. At the moment she wants to grow up to be an archaeologist.


Our guide, yesterday, having a fag.
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Fighting "The Beast"
Colak Kiz
I cant wait for the next installment Joe. Are you sure thats just a fag your guide is smoking ? lol

Thanks for sharing this, its great stuff:15:

P.S. What a view !!!!!

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