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Code to phone the UK
Hi can anyone help.
last year i used a code that i dialed to get cheaper land line phone calls to the UK, but i can't remember it.All i know is that i dialed this number then the number in England and i got cheaper calls.Does anyone know of it or a similar one,All the family will be back in the UK so otherwise i think my bill might be sky high.
Thanks again


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Code to phone the UK
try 1045,but i don't know the rates,i tend to use skype or windows live to contact the uk,or you could get a phone card,last one i bought was 8tl for 50 units & use the public phone boxes.



Code to phone the UK
When you find that magic number for cheap calls will you post it on here so as others will benefit? (if it's not 1045)


Code to phone the UK
OK just me being a bit thick here, do I just take the nought off the mobile I am dialing in the UK to use the 1095, and what about whilst in Turkey, is it only bendeficial for dialing the UK?

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