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Last night when I drew my bedroom curtains I found a cocoon stuck to them. Not sure how long it had been there but am wondering what it was for, unfortately destroyed it without taking a photo.
Dark sandy brown in colour, about 5cm long and 2cm across, very hard, when openned the centre was like a tunnel.
Have tried to do some research on the internet without success. I am shuddering to think what could have been in my bedroom of that size. Did think it might be for a hummingbird moth as we have had a lot of them in and out of the house lately but research seems to disprove this.
Anyone got any ideas?
Is it a sort of clay thingie? Probably only about 3cm long?
Very interesting....
Inside is a little baby waspy or spiddery sort of person. Each of our 3,000 books has a couple behind them on the shelves. Total? 6,000?

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