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Clearer Text On Screens
If you have a Liquid Crystal Display computer screen (ie laptop or flat screen) here's a neat little trick to make your computer screen show the text in a clearer way.

First go to your normal desktop, right click and then click on [Properties].The Properties window will open.

Click on the [Appearance] tab

In the Appearance window click on the [Effects] button.

In the Effects window make sure the check box is ticked 'Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts' and click on the dropdown menu.

Select 'Clear Type' and click.

Then click [OK].

Click on [OK] in the Appearance window and the effect is saved and implemented.


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Clearer Text On Screens
Ceemac, i work for Tesco, i use a pc everyday running 3.1. Now you know how they keep costs under control.


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